Credit Admiral Software Update

Experian Fax: Experian has disabled their fax number. We are actively trying to obtain a new fax number but as of the moment faxing is disabled to Experian in the system. Remember we do have Admiral printing services available for a very small cost.

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We are now importing from:


We are now importing from MyFreeScoreNow. Not using MyFreeScoreNow?

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We now importing credit reports from CreditNanny.  Credit Nanny has an affiliate program through Guardian Angel Loan that will be launching at the end of the month – stay tuned.

Third Party: One of the strongest features of our software has always been the ability to write third party letters.  We have added the ability to more easily change your third party Company info under Settings then Company Defaults.

User Permissions: This was a massive update that affected almost all pages of the software. Thanks to our subscriber Adrine for the idea! We have updated our user roles in the system to now allow you to give specific roles to each user! We have left our 3 default roles, Admin, Processor, and Salesman which are the user roles that you are familiar with. To change or add the user permissions, go to settings, select users, and then User Role & Permissions. From here you can create new roles for your teams. This will allow you to create specific employee categories for people that only do billing, only print letters, etc.

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